Computer maintenance and customer support

servis računara
We offer you a quality and expeditious service, skilled staff and maintenance at ?!?!?!very affordable prices.!?!?!. Our service department is primed for providing swift and expert assistance to our clients. Beside servicing of the computers and computer equipment, the service department also provides the network services and servicing of the network equipment (both passive and active) maintenance.
Servicing of the computers and computer equipment:

  • Installation and reinstallation of OS – Windows, linux, OS X,
  • Data backup,
  • Salvaging the data from damaged HDs,
  • Cleaning PCs from viruses and malware,
  • Computer upgrading.

Servicing and maintenance of the computer networks:

  • Server and work station maintenance,
  • Network security check-up,
  • Resolving the network problems,
  • Network expansion and upgrading,
  • Resolving of the network connectivity issues etc.