Wlan mreže
WLAN networks as well as the others wireless devices instead of cables use radio waves for emitting the signal. By doing that they are offering great flexibility and are relatively easy for implementation into a existing or new network infrastructure. They are mostly used in circumstances where the length of the cables would render their use too expensive and hard to implement. By establishing the wireless network the expensive and hardous implementation of optical cabling can be avoided. Local Area Networks (LAN) are very easily upgraded by addition of WLAN and the integration of more local networks into a larger network infrastructure. Some of the soulutions that we are offering are:

  • Point-to-point,
  • Point-to-multipoint,
  • Hotspot, WDS (Wireless Dristribution System).

Considering the number of locations and required performance, wireless connection can be implemented as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. The first method enables direct connection between two locations, while the latter represents connection of multiple objects to a single access point (most commonly the company central point). By connecting LANs of two or more distant objects, by wireless, the cost reduction of rented communication’s line is achieved. These kind of installations are efficient from a few meters to a distance of more than 40km, depending on geographical conditions and other factors.

Hotspot is an ideal solution for signal covering of, often public places such as townsquares, parks, asa well as school, college, hotel restaurant, bars, rail and bus stations airports etc. These solutions are used for connecting computer networks for data transferring by a wireless signal thusly achieving flexibility of providing the Inernet or LAN access. By merging multiple Hotspot solutions it is possible to cover a even wider area thanks to the Wireless Distribution System into a single integrated network.