What’s a VPN

sta je vpn
Virtual Private Network is a private communication network which is used for communication within the public network. Transfer of the VPN data packages is conducted through a public network(for example internet), using the standard communications protocols. VPN enables the users on remote locations to have a more secure and protected communication. VPN connectstwo or more remote locations into a unified network. Data exchange is conducted as if the client and the server are directly connected , tha main characteristics are:

  • Safety – although the trafic is conducted through unsecure public network, the data access is not allowed to unregistered users making the data transport a lot safer,
  • Low cost – because of exploatation of public networks the prices are considerably lower comparing them to the price of renting private phone linesor implemantation of intranet network,
  • Ease of implementation – there is no need to alter the existing structure of public networks, so the VPN is implemented only on client’s side,
  • Adaptability – because of the encapsulation it is possible to use the data which belong to the unroutable protocols. By implementing the VPN You also save on the number of IP’s that your company needs.