Designing and implementing of LAN and phone networks

lan mreža
The modern computer networks (LAN network) are implemented based on the principle of structural cabling????.The fundamental advantage of the structural cabling is represented by the usage of the simple cable system for all installations which are used for information transfer in the 600MHz range. We offer you planning, designing, implementing and maintenance of the cable network specifficaly for.

  • Horizontal cabling,
  • Vertical cabling and
  • Work space cabling.

Structural cabling is installation of multi purpose network cable system. The network system can be implemented as an unified system or can have multiple sub systems in one or more company buildings with the option of integrating them into a common environment. This encompasses audio, video and executive signal transfer as well as high speed data transfer. The only interface that the user needs is an RJ 45 outlet connected with the computer or phone and which is attached to the cabling system enabling its communication with the appropriate devices (LAN switches or phone systems). The aim of standardization is to define the characteristics and techincal criteria for the elements which are used for various cable system configurations.