IT sistemaBased on the user requirements and demands and after the analysis of the existing system, we will develop an IT system solution which is in accordance with the neeeds and possibilities of the clients’ business and in harmony/sync with latest IT technologies and current international and domestic norms and standards./ova recenica mora da se razbija/. NETcom system will manage the integration of the IT system with the user’s business processes in order to unify their functionality and solutions into an ineractive environment.

The purpose of such action is to increase the business efficiency of the company and to give the company an distinguishing edge by using the modern IT technologies and providing new services. System integration is not limited to connecting the different IT systems within a company building but it is extended to connecting the outer business, distribution, supply and user units. The goal of such inter connectivity is faster communication and business operations improvement.

We have a substantial experience in unifying different network infrastructures, ensuring the compatibility of various software and hardware products in addition to integrating new solutions with the existing operating systems, applications and IT equipment. These solutions are designed to track the variations in users business operations and stay up to date with the technological advances as well as to enable easy system expansion and performance upgrading.